Tuesday, March 3, 2009


By Donna Smith

Friday night (which was the best for us here in Ca.) was good despite the fact that our original plans had to be scraped. On our way to the planetarium, we got a call that it was clouded out so we turned back and instead went to downtown Burbank near the movie theater. We had about 120 people looking at Venus and the Moon before Venus fell below the buildings.

Saturday night we headed back out to the same location and we had about 100 people. Viewing wasn’t as good on Saturday, we were dealing with more clouds and Venus wasn’t as close to the Moon as it had been the night before. One really great thing, some people came up to us and asked what was going on and when I told them about BWB they started nodding and saying they knew about it because they had just been to dinner in Pasadena and the students from Cal Tech had a big BWB banner out along with some scopes. I didn’t know the kids at Cal Tech were going to do anything so it was a good surprise.

Because of the location, I didn’t have an internet connection. I did take some photos but not with a digital camera – I’m a little strange, I like to use those disposable cameras. I’ll post the photos when I get them developed tomorrow.

Donna Smith

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