Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BWB in India - Kutch Astronomy

by Narendra Sagar

The Program Beauty without Borders here in Bhuj went very nice. We put One Telescope and Two binoculars for the public.

The place was middle of the city near Hamirsar Lake.Though city street lights were bright we show Moon Venus and also Lulin late. People were exited to watch the Vinus as it was looking like Moon!!!

Nearly 70 people were get chance to see through telescope first time in their life.

We tried to live web cast the event. We were successful for few minutes but after that the battery of laptop gone so we couldn't continue.

There were seven children who are just wondering like beger and not going to school any time also get the chance to see.....

P2280356India (Kutch Astronomy) BWB

India (Kutch Astronomy) BWB

India (Kutch Astronomy) BWB

India (Kutch Astronomy) BWB

The helping hands were Vijay Vyas, Bipin Vakil, Miss Krupa, Manan Thakker, Rahul Zota, Piyush Parmar, Gunjan Doshi, and my wife Rasila Gor

Mr. Deep Mehta took initiative for live webcast

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