Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BWB in New Zealand

by Paul Moss

Friday night was completely cloudy and Saturday the clouds lifted for a few minutes to reveal the most beautiful sunset, but no venus or moon. Sunday was clear and I managed to show a german tourist venus and the moon, through both the C8 and the HD video camera (using eyepiece projection) and the still camera using prime focus.

However I talked about this so much over the last two weeks and shared that video, so I’m happy at this end. Everyone else in NZ was rained out for their plans, and we appreciate the reports from around the world. We learned quite a bit by sharing here, and being inspired to go and rehearse, and I thank you for that energy that you put in, I believe that we created a huge presence ahead of the main weekend. I’m really happy when I think about the longer future of astronomy, and how ISAN may continue growing each year.

I have attached the images that I posted up on facebook, I am happy to have them all posted to the blog site, and anywhere else. I’ve quite lost track of the whole picture, if any of you wish to copy and paste my pics please do, or suggest to me where else they could go. One of the best outcomes is my new ability to bring the moon to a big screen, in amazing glory! I plan to do just that for as many events as possible, live high quality video of a real moon. If its cloudy then recorded HD files. I believe that will have an impact on the street!

Event Host: Sharing Space www.astronomy.net.nz
Location: Porirua, New Zealand
Equipment: Celestron C8 (200mm 8in SCT) 2inch and 1 ¼ eyepieces, HD video camera, EOS20D still camera.
Events: Sunday 1st March 2009 8:30pm

Paul Moss

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